Soft Hard Boiled Eggs – Cooking amongst Steam

As vaguely promised inward the grilled shrimp Louie video, hither is my foolproof method for doing hard-boiled eggs, when nosotros desire softer, creamier yolks. This manner industrial plant real nicely for salads, together with inward a higher house together with beyond the texture, nosotros locomote pure egg flavor, without the sulfuric bitterness that over-boiled eggs endure from.

Of course, at that topographic point are variables. Large egg sizes tin vary, equally does the temperature of refrigerators, together with then your fourth dimension to difficult boiled egg nirvana may vary. For me, 6 to vii minutes gives me a perfect runny yolk; ix to x minutes gives me what y'all run into inward the video, or a “soft difficult boiled egg,” if y'all prefer; together with 11-12 gets y'all closer to the fully-cooked, classic yolk.

My proposition is to locomote a dozen eggs, together with produce about tests. This steaming method is real precise, together with repeatable, 1 time y'all lock it in. By the way, at that topographic point doesn’t appear to hold upward a large divergence whether y'all gear upward 1 egg or six, merely I’ve never truly tried this amongst a whole dozen, together with then if y'all do, permit me know the results. I hope y'all order this a endeavour soon. Enjoy!

3 quart saucepan amongst lid
1 1/4 loving cup water
6 large eggs, forthwith from the refrigerator

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