The Parmelet – Turning the Late-Night Omelet Inside Out

Like most belatedly night, post-saloon culinary experiments, I wasn’t expecting also much every bit I attempted this crispy, inside-out parmesan omelet, then I was fairly thrilled amongst how it turned out. The caramelized cheese had formed a thin, but protective layer, in addition to since the eggs had never lead touched the pan, they were moist in addition to tender. It powerfulness convey been the cocktails talking, but I started to mean value I had stumbled on to around sort of omelet hack, which improves both the texture of the surface, in addition to diminishes the run a jeopardy of dry, bitter, overcooked eggs. 

I also tried this amongst cheddar, in addition to it industrial plant pretty much the same. There is i catch, inwards that you lot involve a nonstick pan for this to work, but other than that, non much tin terminate become wrong, in addition to then much tin terminate become right. Like what to materials inwards the middle. As long every bit you lot estrus it first, a reasonable total of whatsoever classic omelet filling would shine.

This volition also operate whether you lot role i or 3 eggs, depending on the texture you’re going for. Using a unmarried egg is sort of a cool trick, since the cheese layer is most every bit thick, in addition to you lot tin terminate actually appreciate the crispness fifty-fifty more. I promise you lot laissez passer on this bully novel omelet technique a essay soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for i Parmelet:
8-inch non-stick pan
1 teaspoon olive oil
25 grams (just shy of 1-ounce) finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
1,2, or 3 large eggs, beaten
1/8 teaspoon H2O per egg
salt in addition to freshly soil dark pepper to gustatory modality
pinch of cayenne

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