Bomba Calabrese – This Pepper Spread is the Bomb, Literally

This amazing Calabrian pepper spread is every bit delicious, every bit it is unknown. It doesn’t fifty-fifty induce got a Wikipedia page. Hey, fifty-fifty I induce got a Wikipedia page. But, despite the fact there’s non a lot of data available, I believe I got relatively close, together with actually dear how this comes out.

As I said inward the video, I similar this best served but on sliced bread, but beyond that, this is ane of the most versatile condiments I know. You tin toss it amongst pasta; add together it to a sandwich; create amount an omelet; tumble out a pizza; purpose it similar a salsa on grilled fish; spice upward a Irish Gaelic patato salad; likewise every bit create the world’s best deviled eggs. Actually, I’ve never made deviled eggs amongst it, but I know it’d endure the best.

I was intentionally vague amongst the cooking times together with temperatures. Basically, ane time the onion, eggplant, together with mushroom mixture is sautéed, you lot add together your peppers, together with but ready until everything is soft together with tender, no thing how long it takes. You’ll in all probability rest betwixt medium together with medium high heat, but endure prepared to arrange every bit involve be. This is non something nosotros desire browning inward the pan, earlier everything is cooked.

Another substitution is waiting for this to cool downwards completely, earlier you lot finalize the seasonings. We ever desire to arrange a recipe at the same temperature it’s going to endure served at, since that precisely makes sense. Another thing that makes sense, together with a lot of sense, is you lot giving this bomba Calabrese a displace soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients to brand nigh iv cups Bomba Calabrese:
3/4 loving cup olive oil, divided
1/2 xanthous onion
1 minor eggplant
4-5 large push mushrooms
2 pounds hot cherry peppers (or nigh 1 pound later on trimming)
1 pound sweetness ruby-red bell peppers (or nigh 12 ounces later on trimming)
1 teaspoon kosher salt, addition to a greater extent than to taste
1/2 teaspoon crushed fennel seeds
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 loving cup white vino vinegar, or to taste

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