The Butcher's Steak – Too Good to Sell?

This smashing steak is considered something of a butcher store “secret,” but non because they’re selfish, together with can’t stand upwardly the idea of you lot existence happy. It’s simply an strange looking cut, which requires a specific trimming technique to take away 1 of the toughest pieces of connecter tissue on the entire animal.

Combine that amongst the fact that there’s exclusively 1 per cow, together with you lot direct maintain something that’s a footling tricky to sell, although that seems to live on changing a bit. This steak has operate pop on eating theatre menus, going past times the name, “hanger steak,” together with that’s led to it existence carried inward roughly of your finer butcher shops.

Even though it takes a footling fighting of time, the trimming is pretty simple, together with likely easier than I made it look. Carefully cut down away whatsoever of the tough-feeling membranes on the surface, together with separate inward one-half lengthwise, along the centre connecter tissue. Once that’s cutting away, you’re pretty much done, other than deciding how to laid upwardly it.

Butcher’s steak is smashing inward a pan, nether the broiler, together with of course, on the grill. It takes to marinades wonderfully, together with tin sub inward for whatsoever cutting of steak inward whatsoever recipe. It’s non exclusively tender, together with affordable, but too extremely beefy.

This is likely the most strongly flavored steak cut, together with roughly fifty-fifty clitoris it every bit having a subtle gaminess, although I mean value that’s a fighting much. There’s exclusively 1 agency to know for sure, then I actually produce promise you lot reach this a travail soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for four portions:
1 whole butcher’s steak aka hanger steak, almost two pounds
salt together with freshly solid soil dark pepper to sense of savor
1 tablespoon clarified butter
For the sauce:
2/3 loving cup chicken broth to deglaze pan
juices from resting steaks
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar, or to taste
2 tablespoon mutual frigidness butter, cutting inward cubes
salt to taste

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