Crispy Basket Burritos – For Once, Oven-Baked is Better Than Fried

I worked at a Mexican eating theatre spell inwards college, as well as i of my to the lowest degree favorite tasks was frying the flour tortilla bowls. You had to concur the 2 parts of the handbasket that formed them together spell they fried, all the spell getting splattered yesteryear hot fat, as well as breathing grease vapors. It wasn’t fun, but they did come upward out squeamish as well as crispy, as well as thence to everyone else involved, it was totally worth it.

Here, we’re using the oven to compass what I regard a superior product. They’re but every bit beautiful, as well as crispy every bit the ones from the deep fryer, but appear to endure much less greasy. Not to mention, the mess is significantly less. I’ll merchandise those things for a few extra minutes production fourth dimension whatever day.

Just endure careful non to give the sack them trying to larn the within bottom crispy. Since that expanse is protected from the sides, it’s non going to larn every bit browned, but it doesn’t bring to. As presently every bit this is filled, no i volition know the difference. Speaking of filling, deciding that is likely the hardest operate of this whole operation, but I’m confident you’ll come upward up alongside something worthy. I actually promise yous give these a receive soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 2 Crispy Basket Burrito Shells (aka Tortilla Bowls, or Tostada Shells):
2 flour tortillas (about 8 inches inwards diameter)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
oven rubber ramekin, nearly iv inches inwards diameter

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