Chocolate Tiramisu Cake Roll, Tiramisu never tasted so good.  A delicious mocha cake filled inside and out with a creamy eggless tiramisu filling, don’t forget the sprinkles!  Your new Dessert.

I have always been intrigued by cake rolls. I think they look so delicate, and inviting.  Not to mention I always thought difficult.  That is until I made this Chocolate Tiramisu Cake Roll.

As I let you all know yesterday was my birthday and I made 3 delicious desserts, the first Turtle Cookie Bars.  I love my friends they will try anything.  

And since they are Italian they won’t just say “oh really good” and not mean it.  They will dissect that dessert till the last crumb has been uncovered.

Not only will they discuss it but they will also give you 100 new ways of doing that dessert whether you want to hear it or not.  Then of course they will move on to an antipasto or a pasta dish or their absolute favourite, something fishy.

I have had my eye on making a cake roll for quite some time now.  And to tell the truth This Chocolate Tiramisu Cake Roll took some effort.

The first time (yes there were more times than I care to mention) I thought my mother-in-law’s Sponge Cake would be perfect. Not so, it was way too much batter for the pan I used and it didn’t roll, it just broke into pieces, but I still made a Tiramisu so all was not lost.

Then I used a cake recipe that again wouldn’t roll properly.  Finally I came across this terrific video by Kraft Canada.   An easy cake recipe, and with a couple of little changes, I made this Chocolate Tiramisu Cake Roll and it worked perfectly.

I filled it and frosted it with my own Tiramisu filling.  Refrigerated it for 4-6 hours and it was an amazing Birthday Cake.  I think it would make a yummy Christmas Dessert too.  Enjoy!

how to make it? please click here

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