Delicious Roasted Garlic Bread

Take your homemade garlic bread to the next level by using roasted garlic! Using minimal ingredients this truly is the ultimate side dish to any meal!

1 Baguette (see notes)
2oz / 60g / 4 tbsp Unsalted Butter
2 small Bulbs of Garlic
1 tbsp Fresh Parsley, finely diced
1 tbsp Olive Oil, plus extra for roasting garlic
Salt & Black Pepper
Foil for baking


Slice the tips off your garlic bulbs to expose the cloves. Drizzle with a little olive oil, wrap in foil then pop in the oven at 180c/350f for 45mins until dark golden and caramelized.

Squeeze out roasted garlic into a bowl and mash with a pinch salt until smooth. Stir in your butter, olive oil, parsley and a pinch of black pepper. Once smooth, place to one side.

Grab your baguette and slice into 3/4" wedges, ensuring you don't slice all the way through. Evenly spread your butter down each slit, then wrap in foil and bake for 10mins at 180c/350f.

Take out the oven and unwrap into a boat shape. This will expose the bread whilst catching any butter that melts out. Pop back in the oven for another 10mins or until your desired texture.

Tips for the best Roasted Garlic Bread

What type of bread to use?
This recipe is based on using a standard part-baked french baguette. Part baked baguettes are sold in most supermarkets in the UK and are perfect for homemade garlic bread, offering the perfect texture. Not too hard/crunchy and not overly soft either. If you can't find part-baked baguettes then I still recommend using your regular store-bought french baguette, nothing fancy. You could also use a soft ciabatta. Either way you don't want a baguette with a hard crust because it will come out too chewy.

What size of baguette to use?
This recipe is based on using a baguette 25cm/10" long  and 300g/10.5oz in weight which in the UK is your standard store-bought garlic bread size. I slice this into 12 pieces, which should feed 3/4 people as a side.

Roasting Garlic
Timings will depend on size/age of garlic but you'll struggle to burn it at 180c/350f, just be vigilant past 45mins. The lower the temp and longer the time the more caramelized the garlic will be. With the same token, if you don't efficiently caramelize the garlic it's going to end up way too pungent!

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