Thai Red Curry Turkey Meatballs

Finally a new slow cooker recipe this year!

One of my goals this winter is to make use of our slow cooker. The more meals we have prepped for dinner, the less work I have to do in the evening. Obviously cooking is part of my job but when I am in the kitchen most hours of the day a majority of the week, I don’t always get excited about making dinner. Especially if I don’t have anything truly planned out. I mean some days Mr. FMK helps with dinner but if we’re being honest, he just doesn’t have the patience for following recipe instructions. So the more meals we ready to go, the easier it is on both of us.

Oh oh! I also just bought an Instant Pot *AAHHH* I am nervous yet excited at the same time. I was very apprehensive about buying one. I mean, does one really need another small kitchen appliance – especially when one’s pantry and cabinets are already overflowing with too many things… Clearly I am still apprehensive because it’s been sitting in the packaging for over a week now. OOPS.  But I plan to bust it out this weekend and try some simple recipes out to get the hang of it. At the very least maybe some chicken breast to have for salads and whatnot. Hopefully some of you have an Instant Pot and I can share some recipes here with you all!

Okay, but enough about the Instant Pot. I am getting ahead of myself. Backing up to the slow cooker and these turkey meatballs!

I may be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with mixing red curry paste and cashew butter – see here, and here… oh and here. What can I say? The combination is freaking awesome.

So now I bring your these turkey meatballs mixed in my favorite cashew curry sauce, made with no added sugars – Whole30 compliant if that’s your jam. 

I used a Medjool dates to help bring some sweetness to the sauce (I felt it was lacking without), but you can also sub with honey or molasses (like I used in this recipe).


1. Ground Turkey
2. almond flour
3. egg
4. red curry paste
5. onion 
6. garlic


1. canned coconut milk
2. cashew milk
3. cashew butter
4. red curry paste
5. coconut aminos
6. ginger
7. lime
8. fish sauce (optional)
9. garlic
10. Medjool dates (or molasses, honey)

There is a tad bit of prep work with making meatballs but I promise it’s worth it. You need to slightly brown the meatballs before adding them into the slow cooker with the sauce. The sauce can be made in a small food processor or blender and then it gets added into the slow cooker with the browned meatballs.

Now you just cook on high for about 2 hours or low for about 4 hours.

Serve with your favorite veggies, cauli rice, sweet potato noodles, zoodles, or your favorite grain if not eating paleo. There were plenty of leftovers with  this recipe so I enjoyed all ways 😀

However you choose to enjoy them, these Red Thai Turkey Meatballs are delicious and make great leftovers too. When you don’t have to make lunches every day and dinner every night, life is good.

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