Country French Skillet Chicken

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One of the benefits yous operate from cooking amongst the skillet is that it tin brand your dish much healthier since it requires less crude oil to cook. Besides, it is likewise made of a non-stick constituent that tin move cleaned easily. Here, past times next the French-style recipe below, yous tin gear upwardly a classic together with yummy chicken dish that yous tin easily serve for a peachy dinner amongst family.
How to gear upwardly Country French Skillet Chicken
Prepare the ingredients written below inward solely five minutes together with gear upwardly them good based on the instructions of the recipe inward but twenty minutes. Thus, inward the end, yous tin forthwith brand around iv serving portions of yummy together with creamy province french skillet chicken.


  • Four pieces of chicken pectus amongst no os together with skin
  • 50 gr of butter
  • 200 ml of water
  • A bundle of Vegetable Soup Dip & Recipe Mix
  • 100 gr of sour cream
  • Salt together with garlic pulverization equally the seasoning
  • A pinch of dried dillweed


1First, yous postulate to railroad train a large bowl filled amongst pieces of chicken pectus inward it. Then, add together tabular array salt together with garlic powder. Also, brand certain yous combine these seasonings evenly to the chicken. After that, yous tin operate along to railroad train a large skillet to gear upwardly the remaining ingredients.
2Next, plough on the oestrus over medium-high heat. Then, yous tin add together the chicken breasts to it together with gear upwardly for around five minutes until both sides of the chicken plough lightly brown. After this, yous tin add together H2O together with soup mix along amongst the dill weed into the cooked chicken breasts. Stir together with mix well.
3Here, brand certain yous gear upwardly the ingredients until it boils. After that, yous may lower the oestrus together with simmer piece roofing the skillet. While yous are waiting for the chicken until it is good cooked, yous may stir the ingredients occasionally to fasten the cooking time.
4After this, your province French skillet chicken is ready to serve. It is highly recommended for yous to pick out platter to maintain the chicken warm when it is served. Also, don’t forget to stir inward the sour cream along amongst a spoon of sauce over the chicken.
With the slow together with uncomplicated steps above, yous tin brand your version of Country French Skillet Chicken at domicile together with luckily yous tin serve this dish amongst other kinds of nutrient similar buttered noodles, rice or mashed potatoes. Choose the ane yous similar the almost together with taste the dish until your platter is clean.