French Apple Tart

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Get a particular together with wonderful gustation of dessert that you lot tin introduce to your menage unit of measurement precisely past times combining the apples together with other complement ingredients into a slap-up French Apple Tart. Brush alongside the fig preserves over the pie every bit the lastly touch. Also,  you lot may substitute this alongside apricot preserves or marmalade.
How to brand French Apple Tart
It takes v minutes alone to fix together with produce the fix for an hour, together with you lot tin brand a large share of French Apple Tart at home. Now, precisely stimulate got a await at the recipe below together with follow all of the instructions.


  • A sail of puff pastry
  • One together with a one-half large of peeled together with hence sliced of crisp apple
  • One together with a one-half teaspoons of lemon juice
  • 150 gr of brownish sugar
  • 50 gr of fig preserves


1Firstly, estrus the oven over 400 Fahrenheit-degree or 200 celsius-degree. Then fix a baking sail together with lay a large parchment newspaper on conduct identify of it. While unrolling the puff pastry sail over a baking sheet, larn a fork together with pierce all business office of the puff pastry.
2Then, fix a large bowl together with fill upward it alongside apple tree slices along alongside the brownish saccharide together with lemon juices. On the puff pastry that you lot stimulate got prepared before, similar the apple tree slices diagonally or you lot may every bit good laid inward directly down. Here, you lot demand to brand the apple tree slices overlap each other.
3After they are ready, you lot precisely demand to lay the baking sail inward the oven that has been heated before. Bake the pie for around xl minutes until you lot tin run into the color of the puff pastry turns brown. Here, the edges of the apple tree pie volition live much brownish than the middle part.
4After xl minutes, you lot may plough the oven off together with larn the baking sail out of the oven. Take a metallic spatula together with loosen the tart alongside it. Do this immediately, afterwards you’ve finished baking the pie. Then fix a serving plate together with lay the tart inward it. Also, you lot tin bask this alongside fig preserves that stimulate got been warmed upward earlier inward a microwave for around xxx minutes. Next, you lot tin brush this all over the tart together with bask the pie.
Now, afterwards next all the uncomplicated together with slow steps above, you lot tin brand your ain French Apple Pie that you lot may serve every bit a particular dessert for your family. It looks beautiful together with perfectly sugariness every bit well. Last but non least, brand certain you lot bask this piece it is warm alongside whipped cream or H2O ice cream.