Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes

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The brain constituent used hither is Greek Yogurt that provides you lot amongst many nutritional values which is less sugary but even hence creamy too tastes tart.  In this yogurt, you lot tin flame honour many beneficial proteins that tin flame attention hold the wellness of your bones, teeth, skin, muscles, hair, too blood. As a groovy source of protein, Greek Yogurt provides plenty nutrients to plow over you lot unloose energy too transfer substances similar oxygen through your prison theater cellphone membranes. Besides, it besides tin flame hold your immune system, nerves every bit good every bit the fluid balance.
How to brand Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes
Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes are really tardily too unproblematic to make. In entirely xx minutes, you lot tin flame serve for nearly iii until vi pancakes depending on how big the size of the pancakes that you lot make. Also, you lot tin flame add together other additional ingredients to brand your pancakes sense of savor perfect, such every bit blueberries, almonds, chocolate, raisins too much more. Simply read too follow the recipe below to direct you lot to brand homemade good for you lot Greek yogurt pancakes.


  • 170 gr of Greek yogurt
  • 100 gr of flour
  • An egg or precisely the white part
  • Baking soda


1Prepare a pocket-size bowl too add together the Greek yogurt inwards it. Then, whish the yogurt until it turns a chip creamy. Also, cleft an egg too set it on the yogurt. You may set all run of the egg or entirely the white part. Next, mix these ingredients along amongst adding the baking soda too flour to the mixture.
2After the batter turns thicker than before, you lot tin flame add together whatever kinds of complement ingredients there. Hee, it is recommended to add together around blueberries, raisins, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chocolate or whatever other nuts, etc. then, don’t forget to mix these ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed.
3Then laid a pan too rut it over medium heat. Add a spoon of batter based on your desired size too create the pancake. If the upper side of the pancake starts to bubble up, hence flip the batter. You may honour it tardily to flip since ingredients of the mixture makes it well-stick. Continue this stride to other pancakes.
Serve the pancake yesteryear stacking upwards ii pancakes for each plate. Here, you lot tin flame savor a fluffy too good for you lot Greek yogurt pancake. To live on inwards much better, you lot tin flame add together slices of bananas on overstep of the pancakes, or but add together the remaining blueberries along amongst the maple syrup too cinnamon. Make your favorite combination terminate savor the pancakes inwards the forenoon to starting fourth dimension your busy day.